Randy and Debbie Lee

In week three of our Worth the Risk series, Pastor John challenged us to use our property – the things God’s given to us - to point people to Him. Randy and Debbie Lee of the Cedar Falls Campus are taking a huge step of obedience to use their resources for His glory.

February 24, 2022

We’ve been Christians for a long time. We both grew up in the church and have served and led in a variety of ways, and at every stage, God challenges us to higher levels of obedience. 

In our fifties, we weren’t growing in our faith the way we wanted, so, prompted by the Holy Spirit, we sought a new church home and, in 2008, landed at Prairie Lakes Church.  Since then, the Lord has lead us down an energizing path of deeper understanding of His Word, closer relationship with Him and new ways to apply our learning.

After attending PLC for a number of years, we felt the Spirit urging us to get baptized.  Even though we both were baptized as infants, we believed we needed to publicly show our commitment as adults. On May 2, 2021, we were baptized, and it was amazing!

Recently, we felt the Spirit asking us to adjust our lifestyle. We have been fortunate to own a winter home in Arizona for a number of years, but God is calling us to sell it for a variety of reasons:
  1. To live physically closer to our older parents, spend more time with them on a regular basis and be available to assist them as needed
  2. To commit to one community to engage in wherever God is working and calling us to join Him 
  3. To use a larger share of our financial resources to help others have a better life
  4. To better utilize the gifts God has provided
This isn’t an easy step for us.  We love our home in Arizona, which allows us to escape the cold Iowa winters.  However, we’ve learned delaying obedience is actually disobedience, so we are moving forward and trusting God.  He has always taken care of us, is presently taking care of us and will always take care of us.

We have come to fully understand that God knows the desires of our hearts and provides our needs.  The most important responsibilities we have are to fully surrender, trust Him and always listen for the Spirit’s guidance. This isn’t always easy, we often miss the target, but we pick ourselves up and move forward seeking Him. At this point in our lives, we know it is a step of obedience to sell our Arizona house and keep listening for whatever God has in store for us next.  We have taken similar risks in the past, and He always works it out for us. We trust Him. 
Randy & Debbie Lee


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