Lynn Wingo

April 14, 2020

Thank you Prairie Lakes Church for providing live and archived access to sermons. This method of sharing God’s Word has been the source of comfort for me for a few years. I stepped over the Faith Line by worshipping online. Accepting Jesus as my Savior gave me the strength to keep a positive attitude last fall and winter while undergoing (successfully) chemo/radiation treatments and surgery for esophageal cancer. My doctors and nurses often commented on my positive attitude and how it aided my quick recovery. When you have the “blessed assurance” of God’s love and grace, how could one not be positive? During my recovery, the online ministry kept me connected to PLC and made me feel less alone, as well as providing me hope, joy and the beauty of God’s Word. Now that we are living through this pandemic, your online ministry has once again become my source for worship. Our nation has gone through many hard times and will do so in the future. Though the times and circumstances have changed, throughout our history God’s grace and love have never changed. Thank you all for carrying God’s beacon of hope, love and redemption through this current crisis.

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