Waterloo Partnership

In 2010, we launched our Prairie Lakes Church Waterloo Campus intending to form a congregation in the neighborhood of 50703. Over the years, we formed significant friendships on the East Side with East Waterloo High School, Boys & Girls Club, etc., but our Sunday ministries were not connecting culturally like we hoped they would. Even though we changed location, modified our worship style and altered our staffing model, we were not growing a congregation from people who lived in 50703. In fall 2016, we held our last Sunday service in Waterloo as Prairie Lakes Church and began our partnership with Hope City Church. Hope City Church connects far more effectively in all the Waterloo neighborhoods and is an independent, evangelical church organized around missional communities and led by Waterloo native, Pastor Quovadis Marshall (Pastor Q).

Prairie Lakes Church is partnering with Hope City Church in several ways:

  1. PLC will help accelerate Hope City Church health by offering a mix of equipment, coaching and funds.
  2. Pastor Q and Hope City Church will offer PLC expertise in building missional groups and will collaborate on serving opportunities in Waterloo.

We helped our former Waterloo Campus staff transition by filling open roles at other campuses or finding other meaningful employment in the Cedar Valley.

We are repurposing much of our Waterloo Campus furnishings and equipment at other PLC sites. We are encouraging a conversation between First Lutheran Church (from whom we rented office, ministry and worship space for our Waterloo Campus) and Hope City Church to form a partnership of their own.

Hear from Pastor Jesse