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The Plan
The Plan

Every story has a beginning. When we miss the beginning, the story is incomplete. For many of us, God’s story is incomplete. The Old Testament can be confusing and hard to understand, so we just skip it. This summer at Prairie Lakes Church, we’re going to journey back to the beginning of God’s story and understand The Plan.

May 31/June 1 - The First Domino
June 6/7 - An Old Man's Faith
June 14/15 - The High Bar
June 21/22 - Nothing But The Blood
June 28/29 - Cat And Mouse
July 5/6 - Give Me A King
July 12/13 - It's OK
July 19/20 - A Punch In The Face
July 26/27 - Mad Men
August 2/3 - Christmas In August

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