One for One

What is ONE FOR ONE?

In January 2012, Senior Pastor John Fuller preached a sermon titled “What would it be like if the church…” where a very simple but revolutionary idea called ONE FOR ONE was introduced. What if every Christ follower in 2012 got prayerfully intentional with one person in their circle who didn’t know Jesus yet?

We’re sensing a real urgency to be the church God wants us to be – to bring Him glory and make Him famous in Iowa and around the world. When found people find people, it brings God glory.

We’re doing ONE FOR ONE  because being invitational is part of the Prairie Lakes Church DNA, and we’re not willing to let the people in our circles go to hell. Sure it’s going to be uncomfortable, and it is going cost every one of us, but getting into intentional relationships and helping your ONE take next steps is going to be worth it!

The only way we are going to make a difference in the Cedar Valley, Osage, Grinnell and around the state is if found people find people.

1.    Pray about your ONE.

Start with prayer.  Ask God to open your eyes to the people already in your circle whom you need to reach, and/or ask God to bring some new ONEs into your life.  Be open, available and not afraid to listen to God and do what He asks.

2.    Commit to it.

Many of you filled out a card in January and named your ONE(s). If you didn’t fill out a card, or if God has dropped more ONEs into your life, please fill out the form below. We will email you a reminder in a couple of months to encourage you in your ONE FOR ONE journey. ONE FOR ONE Form

3.    Start taking steps.

You’ll have different steps for each of your ONEs. Remember, ONE FOR ONE means more than simply inviting your ONE to church. It means to begin an intentional relationship in which you eventually invite them to church, to step over the Faith Line, and to walk with them in their relationship with Jesus. But it usually starts with some simple steps: help them if they have a need, stand together at soccer practice, grab lunch together, get coffee, walk the dogs, go to a game, backyard BBQ, carpool the kids, introduce them to your friends…limitless possibilities. But the point is to start somewhere and build the relationship.

4.    Then what?

Keep praying. Be normal. Have fun. When the time is right, invite them to a next step. Maybe it’s to church or a church event, maybe even your small group or a Bible study. Just be open to the best next step.

5.    Walk with them.

You walk with your ONE on every new step. Do whatever it takes to help them find Jesus. Pick them up, meet them in the Lobby, change your service preference to sit with them. If they attend a class, you take it with them; if they come up front after service, you come up with them; if they have questions, you help find the answers. YOU ARE NOT DONE IF THEY COME TO CHURCH! Walk with them on the whole journey!

Remember that found people find people, so in 2012 let’s find a whole bunch of ONEs and change the face of Iowa for the Kingdom! Be obedient to God; just take a step, and He will amaze you.


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