Matthew 28:18-20 commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. The Bible mandates that we engage with our culture, community and world with gospel intentionality. Living on mission together with God is an everyday experience, not a block of time on our agenda.

Gospel intentionality means living ordinary life with God lenses on, seeing how He is at work and how we can join in on what He is doing to advance the Kingdom. Living on mission together with God means being aware of ordinary interactions and the opportunities we have to demonstrate the life-giving power of the Gospel. People are attracted to the Good News when they see it being lived out in everyday life.

Prayerfully consider your passions and how you are gifted, wired and talented. Ask yourself what God is already doing in your neighborhood, workplace, city and circle of friends and acquaintances. Then, connect with others who are already on mission. As you pray and consider your God-given wiring, God will reveal your unique next steps in making His Kingdom tangible.

Join us by living on mission, constantly keeping your eyes open and looking for opportunities to use how God has uniquely created you to bring about His redemptive plan.

The Community Opportunities and Global Opportunities tabs below offer information on possible next steps. PLC has already done the legwork, so you can feel confident our partner organizations are trustworthy and have a shared vision. See the events that our partners have coming up by visiting our Serving Trips page.

Stay current with what’s happening in Influence by checking out our Influence Blog. See how God is revealing Himself across our communities and world as well as ways you can get involved and take a next step.