Who We Are

Missions equips and mobilizes the body of Christ to use unique skills and strengths to enter into transformative community development through holistic and empowering partnerships.

What We Value

Focused Holistic Development: We value a clearly defined community and geographically-specific focused vision and strategy with measurable goals over an extended amount of time.

Relationships: We value building authentic relationships that reflect Jesus, understanding our mutual brokenness and need for reconciliation, removing the giver/receiver model and providing a connection to a caring faith community.

Empowerment: We value coming alongside and doing with rather than doing for to encourage steps toward self-sufficiency and stewardship of resources.

Dignity: We value equality, taking steps to understand the truth that all people are made in God’s image, created with worth, strengths and abilities to bring about His redemptive purposes.

Transformation: We value taking steps toward transformation to be more like Jesus.

How We Live This Out

Matthew 28:18-20 commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. The Bible mandates that we engage with our culture, community and world with Gospel intentionality.

Being a blessing in a healthy and transformative way is taking a step in how we engage in the world around us, not a block of time on our agenda.

We each have been entrusted with a unique gifting to bring about His redemptive plan. Prayerfully consider your unique skills and strengths and how they can be used for Kingdom-building purposes.

Next Steps