Graduate Program FAQs

A seminary degree in a cutting-edge partnership with Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, we are pleased to present a Master of Arts in Ministry-Leadership seminary degree. This degree combines a solid theological and biblical knowledge base with PLC contextualized experiences. Cohort model classes are taught by a blend of respected Wesley Seminary professors and experienced PLC ministry leaders in a convenient combination of online and onsite venues.

What are the requirements for admission?

In addition to the Application for Admission, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Original transcript from baccalaureate granting institution (A minimum of 30 credits must be completed through degree granting institution.)
  2. A cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.5 based on a 4.0 grading scale.
  3. Three completed recommendation forms.
  4. A 1-2 page Statement of Purpose explaining your spiritual journey to this point and why you hope to pursue this particular degree.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held are held through a convenient combination of online and onsite venues. Onsite classes are held in the Chapel at the Cedar Falls Campus. All courses are taught in a cohort model, meaning students begin and progress through their degree together until graduation. This model allows students to collaborate, motivate and build relationships with one another.

What is the attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend all sessions of classes for which they are registered, except in cases of prearranged official assignments by the university and absences because of emergencies, which may be considered excusable by the instructor. A student is responsible directly to his/her instructor for all classes missed and for all make-up work. Each instructor or program administrator determines the extent to which absences affect course grades, and grades are assigned on the basis of work accomplished. Any absence from two or three consecutive lectures concerning which the teacher has no definite information should be reported to the Office of Student Services.

Students are expected to be present for on-site class sessions and participate in online activity.

Absences are allowed as follows: Under emergency circumstances, a student may be allowed up to one day of absence from a one-week intensive, up to two weeks of absence for an eight-week class, and up to four weeks of absence for a 16-week class. Absences beyond this point constitutes failure to complete the course. Students need to contact the faculty member regarding make-up work.

If a student exceeds the allowed absences and does not contact the Office of Student Services to withdraw officially before the last class session, the instructor is directed to issue the grade of “F.”

Students who must miss a course due to unavoidable circumstances must arrange for a temporary leave of absence with the Office of Student Services prior to the beginning of the course. Students needing to withdraw while in a course may do so by arrangement with the Office of Student Services prior to the end of the course, but the regular refund and academic withdrawal policies apply.

Faculty members reserve the right to factor lateness, early departures, and class attendance into a student’s grade, as long as it is addressed in the syllabus.

Online attendance is determined by activity during a workshop, either through discussions or submission of assignments. A student is reported absent for a workshop if there is not at least one submission (or posting) of an assignment or in a discussion forum assigned during the designated dates for that workshop.

Students are expected to be present when class begins, and remain the entire session. To be counted present, a student must attend a total of three hours or more of a class that is four hours in length, four-and-a-half hours or more of classes that are six hours in length, and six hours for classes that are eight hours in length. Tardiness is recorded, and if a student accumulates two tardies during a course, it results in an absence on the student’s attendance record.

Are meals provided?

Yes. For onsite classes, light snacks and beverages will be provided during breaks.

What textbooks should I purchase?

Wesley Seminary will provide syllabus details and required textbooks in an email directly to you.

When can I access the online course materials?

Wesley Seminary will provide access to classes one week prior to the first day. Watch for emails from them.

Please contact Connie Erpelding, Academic Dean, with additional questions or concerns at or 319.266.2655.