When Helping Hurts

  • Waterloo

At Prairie Lakes Church, we have been on a journey to include regular rhythms of being a blessing in our neighborhood, community and world. We encourage PLCers to use their unique skills/abilities, professional experiences and hobbies for Kingdom impact. We have seen individuals, families and groups taking steps to incorporate being a blessing as a regular rhythm. It is beautiful hearing stories of how God is at work in communities across Iowa and across the globe. As these stories are shared, many are eager to roll up their sleeves to be involved and be a blessing to others.

THIS IS AWESOME! But, it's necessary to stop for a moment and reflect upon our approach to being a blessing to those facing material poverty.  

Are our perceptions on poverty accurate? Is our current approach helping or hurting those we have the best intentions of serving?

Before we rush forward to being a blessing, we must get rid of our old lenses through which we view poverty. When we do this, all those involved will be better off.  

When Helping Hurts class is an opportunity to learn how we can be a blessing in a way that produces life-changing transformation and equips us to join the redemptive work God is doing in the community.