The Grove

The Grove women's ministry is launching in Fort Dodge! Our first study will be Pulling the Thread by Jen Hatmaker. Sign up Sundays at the Connection Desk.

What does following Jesus really mean? How does following Jesus actually change everything? What does it look like to follow God's calling in my life?

Women have been lulled into comfort and complacency as we build our lives, making sure we fit in and follow the rules. But deep inside, we know something is off. God invites his people to answer a unique call in their lives. And His call offers redemption and rescue. God is using women to meet the needs of those in crisis right in front of them. Are you going to “play it safe” or answer the call?

In these five challenging sessions, ordinary women share real-life stories about the tension between chasing comfort and pursuing a deeper, gospel-centered life. And Jen Hatmaker provides the biblical basis for a more visionary life that will inspire women to action in their homes, communities and across the globe.