Kidventure Bump-up Weekend

  • Cedar Falls

Date: August 3/4
Location: Cedar Falls Campus

Back-to-school is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for our kids to bump up to the next grade level in Children’s Ministry! On August 3/4, 

  • Incoming kindergartners and their parents get to check out Kidventure in Room 210! This is a special weekend just for kindergartners and their parents to experience our elementary-age programming.
  • Incoming fourth and fifth graders will move to the Chapel for our upper elementary environment.
  • Incoming sixth graders will graduate from Kidventure and begin attending service in the Worship Center with their families.

On August 3/4, incoming first, second and third graders will attend service in the Worship Center with their parents and bump up August 10/11.