Shekanah Olson

Campus Coordinator

Shekanah is the Campus Coordinator in Osage. When she isn’t working on the bulletin, answering emails and phone calls or planning events, she is investing her time in meeting new people, building on old and new friendships and making new connections as well as brain storming on local missions. She enjoys team building, learning, problem solving and helping others. She loves how PLC is such a warm and welcoming safe haven and strives to continue that atmosphere as well as build onto it. 

Shekanah enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Kyle and her family. She is rocking the fur mama and auntie life as of right now but is also excited for having a family down the road. Kyle and Shekanah have 2 cats, Leo and Ellie along with 2 dogs, Wendy and Dexter. She is an adventure seeker, with a free and fiery spirit. When she isn’t running bare foot on her acreage, rock climbing or standing on the edge of a water fall she enjoys capturing life with her camera, relaxing to a good rain storm, drinking coffee reading a book or getting lost in art at a museum. 

Vacation Spots: The Smokey Mountains, Cayman Islands, New Mexico

Hobbies: Photography, Traveling, Exploring Museums

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Jesus Christ Super Star, The Sound of Music 

Strengths: Belief, Woo, Achiever, Responsibility and Includer