Sara Fitzgerald

Art Director

Sara serves as the Graphic Designer and creative catalyst for all our campuses. From brainstorming sessions to designing elements, she works behind the scenes in everything communicated visually from babies to adults. Her passion isn't in just clicking the mouse to make things beautiful in Photoshop; it's in communicating the message of God's transforming love in every nook and cranny at PLC.

A native of Grinnell, IA who loves coffee, good pens, sketchbooks and encouraging the next generation of leaders on the UNI volleyball and basketball teams.

Bands: Gungor, All Sons & Daughters, Hillsong United
Books: The Shack, Love Does, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23
Hobbies: Drawing, Biking, Laughing

Strengths: Woo, Positivity, Developer, Empathy, Adaptability