Mark Campbell

Student Ministry Coordinator

Mark is the Student Ministry Coordinator at the Osage Campus. He works to invest in volunteers so they can coach and encourage middle and high school students to pursue an authentic, everyday faith in Christ. This means learning to lean into Jesus and reach out to other students in taking steps toward Him; it is God's Plan A in changing their little Iowa.

Mark and his wife Sarah have two children, both married, who grew up 'familying'  with them through reading, water- and cross-country skiing, bike riding, playing games, singing and a decade-plus of family Bible camp at Okoboji.

Pastimes: Music, reading, cycling, travel-dreaming
Places visited: Oxford, England; Whidby Island (Seattle); Prince Edward Island, Canada
Desserts: Toasted coconut frappe, Mexican fried ice cream, Cold Stone's Peanut Butter Cup Perfection. And anything with sea salt & caramel. Or brown sugar. 

Strengths: Adaptability, Input, Restorative, Empathy, Developer