Jay Morales

Creative Video Coordinator

Jay is the Creative Video Coordinator for Prairie Lakes Church for Central Services. His job involves working alongside the Worship and Production team to create videos that help people encounter God and know Jesus during our weekend services. He believes video is a great way to reach people and can convey a powerful message to visual learners.

His father and mother live in Waterloo, IA with their dog Buddy (he's a Schnoodle). He has a sister in Iowa City, a brother and sister-in-law in Chicago, IL and another brother and sister-in-law in Madison, WI.

Books: The Pilgrim's Progress, How We Die and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Movies: There Will Be Blood, Hot Rod and Toy Story.

Albums: Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K, LANY by LANY and What You Don't See by The Story So Far.

Strengths: Deliberative, Strategic, Competition, Command, Analytical