Gretchen Milks

Worship and Production Coordinator

Gretchen's role is to work alongside the Osage Campus Worship & Production Coordinator. This includes meeting with and developing volunteers, auditioning new team members, and leading weekly rehearsals. She also helps put together the weekly services for the Osage Campus and she leads worship for those services, as well as plays keys and guitar.

Gretchen and husband Tim have three children, Zach, Maci and Brynley. They love to hang out as family doing pretty much anything! It also seems that whatever they're doing, there's always plenty of laughter! Whether they are fishing in northern Minnesota, boating in the Ozarks or just chillin' on the beach in Pensacola Beach, FL, they just enjoy the time together. 

  • Food: Starbucks (yes, coffee is food), Chick-fil-A, Noodles & Company
  • Movies/TV: Les Miserables, The Great Gatsby, Stranger Things
  • Artists: Gotta go with Whitney in 1st place, Bon Jovi takes 2nd & in 3rd place my boy Adam Levine

Strengths: Positivity, Woo, Communication, Strategic, Connectedness