Greg Townsend

Kidventure Assistant

Greg is a Kidventure Assistant at our Cedar Falls Campus and coordinates the curriculum and volunteer schedule. Additional responsibilities include recruiting, training, and inspiring our dedicated volunteers. He is passionate about making sure every child grows in their faith journey.

Greg and his wife Angela met in high school. They have four very active children: Caleb, Elijah, Abigail and Gabrielle. While he spends most of his time running kids to and from activities, as a family they enjoy vacationing to such places as the Gulf Coast, Disney World and fishing in Canada.

Food:  Pizza, Lasagna, Cherry Pie, Fruit Loops
Movies:  Home Alone, Elf, Forrest Gump
Sport Teams:  Iowa State  #GOSTATE

Strengths: Adaptability, Belief, Harmony, Developer, Consistency