Courtney Johnston

Campus Coordinator

Courtney is the Campus Coordinator in Osage. When she isn’t busy fixing glitches with the bulletin folder, or competing to see how many emails she can write every day, she is often having conversations with people and connecting them to Prairie Lakes Church. She loves spending time with her volunteers, and believes that intentional, genuine relationships are powerful in pointing others to Jesus.


Courtney enjoys adventuring with her husband, Taylor: from drinking gallons of coffee, to playing games, and teasing each other for the fun of it, life is never dull at the Johnston home. Their cuddly and spunky cat, Ember, will probably convince you that you’re her new best friend if you ever visit.


Vacation Spots: The Smokey Mountains, Disney World, Colorado

Hobbies: Drinking coffee, reading new books, attempting to run half marathons

Movies: The Oceans Trilogy, You’ve Got Mail, Anne of Green Gables


Strengths: Input, Individualization, Connectedness, Learner, Belief