Brian Gilbert

Facilities Director

Brian serves as the Facilities Director at the Cedar Falls Campus. He makes sure everything in the building and on campus is working correctly.  He also manages short-term and long-term maintenance requirements of the facility as well as managing projects that come up. 

Brian and his wife, Lynette, have three children Bailey, Jack and Chase; a dog, an inside cat and an outside cat. He works a lot, but when he's not working, he most likely will be working on something on his acreage. Fun fact: Brian has walked on stilts in parades in Osage, Cedar Falls and Fairfield.

Sports Teams: UNI Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Iowa Hawkeyes
Cities: Plano, TX; Kansas City, MO; San Antonio, TX
Movies: Caddyshack, Office Space, Bourne Identity series

Strengths: Harmony, Responsibility, Maximizer, Analytical, Achiever