Ari Henderson

Staff Counselor

Ari can be found meeting with staff members individually and in groups to promote emotional health and wellness. She is passionate about premarital counseling and is currently assisting a team of marriage mentors who provide frontline care and preparation for couples getting married at PLC.  Ari also loves training and equipping chaplains, mentors and women to sharpen their abilities to care for hurting people.

Ari lives in Hudson with her husband, Todd, and daughters, Abi and Naomi. Her son, Ben, attends the University of Minnesota. The family enjoys trying new foods and taking spring break trips together.

Movies:  Lord of the Rings, Sweet Home Alabama, Hunt for Red October
Food:  Fruit Pizza, Hoisen-glazed Salmon, Anything Mushroom
Cities:  Seattle, Galveston, Minneapolis

Strengths: Responsibility, Relator, Belief, Connectedness, Individualization