Sermon Series

Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Speaker: John Fuller

Nov 13, 2016
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Last March, Des Moines TV Station KCCI reported, “Sixth graders at Cumberland Anita Middle School sent out a Facebook message that read in part, ‘Our 6th grade technology class in Iowa is conducting an experiment to see how far our message will reach in 48 hours.’ After just 26 hours, more than 5 million people had seen the post in all 50 states and 73 countries. Some 284,000 had left comments, liked or shared the post.” While God has called believers to reach the whole world, we can learn from these sixth graders by spreading His message wherever we live. For us, it doesn’t start with the internet but rather with the people in our circle, much like the earliest Christians. What would it be like if we earned the label “Jesus follower” by the way we live and love in our little Iowa?