Sermon Series

Craving Newness

Speaker: Shane Fuller

Jan 3, 2016
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The unsettled feeling that things aren’t as they should be points us toward the truth that this isn’t how they’ve always been. Genesis tells the story of humans being created in perfect relationship with God, soon followed by us breaking that relationship because of our sin. Regardless of who we are, the things we’ve done, our income, race or place in the world, something in us craves a chance to restart to a position of newness. Many people try to do this without Jesus, but He is the only one who can offer satisfaction to this craving in a way nothing else can. Because of Him, we’re able to experience, and even participate in, His promise to make all things new. In this week’s message, we’re reminded of the hope and opportunity we can have as He restores us all from brokenness to something new.