We Are Taking Next Steps Towards God

Reconnecting with our past often comes through unexpected circumstances as Erin, a Prairie Lakes Church New Hampton Campus attendee, recently discovered.

Erin was raised in a home where church and spiritual matters were important.  Throughout her childhood, she attended Sunday school and church almost every weekend, but once she left home, her spiritual life dwindled. She later married but seldom entered church doors over the next 14 years, with the exception of funerals, weddings and Christmas.

Having a husband, raising four children and working a job, Erin seldom thought of church until a co-worker invited her oldest daughter to help with the Prairie Lakes Church Children’s Ministry. Erin conveyed the request to her daughter, who accepted the invitation and began working with the ministry on Sunday mornings.

Erin’s second daughter became interested in helping alongside her sister, so Erin called the campus office. There was an opening, and the Ministry Coordinator invited Erin to attend PLC, as well. Erin had little interest in the invitation until her teenage son came home from school one afternoon and shared what he had been learning about evolution. Deeply troubled by this, Erin decided it was time to reconnect with the church so her children would be brought up in the truth she had been taught.

Her two oldest daughters were already serving, so the next Sunday, Erin and her son attended service at the New Hampton Campus. “Right away I felt I was in the right place,” Erin stated. After the service she asked her son what he thought. “We need to come back,” he replied.

Today Erin and her three oldest children are serving at the New Hampton Campus, and her youngest daughter is attending Kidventure. Erin says of her family, “We are all beginners on a spiritual path.”

“I have found a new group of people I had never associated with before; we have a common interest, and I enjoy their company,” Erin says.