Undercover Kindness

This past August, in St. Petersburg, Florida, some undercover kindness began at 7 a.m., when a woman in the drive thru paid for her iced coffee and a stranger’s caramel macchiato in the car behind her. This “drive-thru kindness” lasted 11 hours, with 378 people paying for each stranger’s caffeine fix in the car behind them.

That’s a LOT of coffee. And a lot of kindness!

Anonymous drivers joined in the undercover kindness because they just wanted people to feel special, to feel like someone cared for them. But as it turns out, they ended up being part of something so much bigger than themselves that the story of their kindness made national news!

And whether they knew it or not, all of those people who joined in that extreme act of kindness were just reflecting something bigger.

Think about it. When you look at the life of Jesus, He demonstrated kindness all the time. But He not only showed kindness to others, He actually flipped the whole idea of kindness on its head and redefined it for not only His disciples, but all of us.

He showed kindness to all people. People who were marginalized. People with bad reputations. Children, beggars, the sick and outcast, all people—regardless of whether they could return the kindness given to them.

In the month of February, it seems like everyone is talking about how they’re going to show their friends and family how valuable they are with cards and candy and flowers. But it could be that the simplest way we can make the most impact is by showing kindness the way Jesus did and the way He taught His followers.

This week we have a familiar story found in Mark 10:13-16. Back in Jesus' time, children were seen but not heard—and most often they weren’t even supposed to be seen, but Jesus did something different. He said, "Let the children come to me... God's kingdom belongs to people like them." Jesus showed kindness to the children when He welcomed them with open arms.

Bottom Line: There’s always time to be kind. We hope kids can remember, that they are never so important that they can’t take time to be kind to those around them.

So join us in Cedar Falls on Wednesday nights as a family at FX and then on the weekends at all of our campuses as we look into the Bible and see what it says about Kindness.


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