Transforming a Community

I believe God loves transforming people. Even more, I believe He loves using His people to help...

It's A New Year

All new beginnings are hard. Today starts the beginning of a new year.


Recently at the Prairie Lakes Church Osage Campus my husband Tim and I had the privilege of...


Yes, there were a few times on this fasting journey I simply said, “I’m hungry. I’m angry....

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 4)

“Emmanuel” means “God with us.” Again, this word appears in what the prophet Isaiah...

Meditating on a Fresh Christmas Song

This Advent season I’ve been drawn to a Christmas hymn I was previously unfamiliar with. Since...

Risk It!

Let’s say it together one last time, “I can’t believe it’s Christmas already!”

Who Will You Be This Christmas? Mary or Martha?

The busyness of the holidays is in full swing again! We are all filling our days making lists,...

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 3)

“From depths of Hell Thy people save, And give them victory o’er the grave.” That’s what...

Fasting Has Changed History!

As we’ve fasted and prayed over the last four weeks, God has been moving in those prayers!

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 2)

Tyrant. Ruling over us, using our sin and God’s law against us. Day and night. The little dictator...

God Qualifies the Called

As I was driving, I kept praying to God that if a single traffic light turned red on my drive from...

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