What Do Small Groups Look Like?

Prairie Lakes often encourages people to join a small group. What does that look like?

Chocolate and Canvas

On Friday, February 19, the New Hampton campus held an event called, “Chocolates and Canvas.”...

Primary Sources in the Digital Age

There is a paradox responsible for much cynicism in young people today.

Perfect Religion?

I had a conversation with a woman a while ago who was looking for a new home church. She didn't...

We Are Connecting

Shopper, conversationalist and connector are not just adjectives but a lifestyle describing one of...

Convictions Determining Community

I'm writing this from a Caribou Coffee.

In Celebration of Noise

There is a lot of talk about silence today. And solitude.

We Are Compassionate

For one Prairie Lakes Church family, helping people in need was part of their lifestyle. Over the...

Authenticity Isn't Enough

Like many of you (hopefully!), me and my staff are interacting with "Protege" - a playbook of sorts...

Sin: Challenging God’s Authority

Does God have a right to be angry about sin?

We Are Missional - Belize

The partnership between Prairie Lakes Church and Fishers of Men-Belize brought us to Black Man Eddy...


We use a lot of labels.

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