My Feet Were Killing Me

By Tim Sherwood

FX’s annual Fall Festival was this past Wednesday night, and thanks to people living out the PLC core value of being invitational, we had an estimated 1,500 people in attendance. You can view pictures from the event here.

I have to admit to you that earlier that Wednesday when asked how I was feeling about the night, I often answered that the only thing I was worried about was how bad my feet were going to hurt from the 12-plus hours of running and getting everything in order that is required to pull off an event of that magnitude.

Here’s the thing with that though. Things worth doing are often difficult aren’t they? You may have had to muster up the courage to invite a co-worker that isn’t quite sure about this whole Jesus thing. You could be the parent that knows how hard it is to keep track of your kids in an environment that is jam packed with things to stimulate your child’s mind and imagination. You could be the person that was driving by when your kids’ jaws dropped and started asking you to make the turn to see what was going on. They are all difficult things that require us to be interruptible and sacrificial with our time.

Fall Festival is all about one thing: creating memories. At the end of the night we want you looking through the pictures you took giggling with your family about the fun that was had.

Around 7 p.m. God reminded me of Luke 10: 38-42 where Martha was busy doing the preparations as Mary sat at Jesus feet. I came around the back corner of the church and could see both the front and back lots. I could hear the laughter. I could see the smiles. I sat at Jesus' feet in that brief moment and thanked him for what he had done and was doing. That was the pay off for the sacrifice of time and talent from so many more than just myself.

So at the end of the day I was right my feet were killing me but it was worth it and nothing a good nights sleep couldn’t take care of.

Don’t let the family fun stop at the Fall Festival join us at the Cedar Falls Campus Wednesday nights for a family meal from 5-6:15pm and FX from 6:30-7:30pm.


Lew says:

Awesome job as always.

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