Little Things Lead To Greater Opportunities

By Steven Thompson

My son Jon and I chuckled as we viewed the photos from a recent outing.  The photographs were either terribly blurred, or they showed no sign of the object we were trying to capture.  In one shot, only a small slice of the Indy Car’s back wing was visible.  It’s difficult to photograph automobiles traveling at speeds of over 200 miles per hour.

Since childhood I have always been interested in racing, because Dad took me to the races.  Later I became interested in Indy Cars while listening to live radio broadcasts of the Indy 500.  I soon realized that the slightest adjustment on these high speed autos could bring success or lead to disaster.  Slight adjustments to tire pressures, wings (that affect the air flow over the car), engines, gear ratios, and gas mileage all contribute to success in this sport.  Still the smallest miscalculation in any of these areas could send a driver to the back of the pack, or worse create a wreck.
Little things don’t only matter in high performance Indy Car racing, but they are important in our lives and businesses as well.  I often think of the man I bought a small life insurance policy from.  Though I never did any more business with him, (because I didn’t need more life insurance) he would always greet me with a smile and every birthday he sent me a card.  Had I needed another life insurance policy this agent would have been my first choice because of the little things he did to remind me that he cared about his customers.

Recently I came across a passage of Scripture that reminded me that even in our spiritual lives we need to attend to the little things, if we want success: “On the Sabbath we went outside the city gate to the river, where we expected to find a place of prayer” (Acts16:13 NIV).  If one reads on in Acts 16 you will discover these individuals, who went out of their way to find a suitable place to pray, ran into some women and were introduced to Lydia.  Lydia became the first Christian convert in Europe, and because of her prominence she went on to have a great impact for Christ in her area.

Can you imagine how the early church might have been altered if these men had not decided “to find a place to pray.”  They could have decided to pray in their rooms, in the corner of an inn, or they could have found a secluded area in the town, but they invested extra effort to find a place more suitable for prayer.  That decision changed both history and eternity.

A pound of air pressure in a tire helps stabilize an Indy Car traveling at 220 miles per hour, a yearly birthday card kept a client connected with his agent, and taking the time to look for a suitable place to pray, radically impacted the mission of early Christians.

What daily opportunities are we passing up because we fail to take the time or effort to do the little things for our families, businesses and most importantly for our spiritual lives?  Jesus said that anyone who is faithful in the little things will be given greater opportunities.  REMEMBER: LITTLE THINGS LEAD TO GREATER OPPORTUNITIES.