Life Change Happens in Mysterious Ways

By Tim Sherwood

The fall season is going to quickly be upon us. Leaders in various ministries are working hard to find people committed to making Prairie Lakes Church operate with a high level of excellence for the thousands of people who walk through our doors every weekend and the hundreds who come throughout the week. 

The people we’re looking for are far more than just bodies that fill a need. We want them to be a blessing to the families who attend. We want to see next steps happen in their own spiritual journeys, the kinds of steps that come from rubbing shoulders with other believers in community and sacrificing your time and talent to serve others.
I want to share a couple stories with you from some of our Family eXperience volunteers that speak directly to these kinds of change.
The first is from Mychal, FX Drama Cast member:
“I have been doing FX for about five years now, and I can honestly say that it is my favorite part of each week. That first summer I just felt like I wanted to build a closer relationship with God. I wanted to do it in a way where I could help others to grow as well. My friend’s mom told me about FX, and I couldn't have thought of a more perfect situation. I remember walking through those double doors for the first time scared as can be. What is this all about? What am I supposed to do? What if I am not good? Less than 40 seconds later I realized that I was worried for nothing. I remember the cast being kind and working with me. I remember seeing people so strong in their faith while letting me be where I was with mine. That just felt so comforting."
"Here we are five years later, and my faith has grown each and every year. Now I get to be that older example that gets to help people grow each week in their faith. And I have to tell you, that's such a wonderful feeling. Every week it's just like Papa Tim says, "We leave with a little bit more Jesus than we came with." There isn't a much better feeling than seeing the cast and families taking steps and growing in their faith. It's easily the most rewarding part."
"I can tell you right now firsthand that if you have even half of a thought about joining for the experience, absolutely do it. I couldn't think of a more welcoming and fun place for faith to grow. If you ever get the chance to walk through those double doors, come on in. We're waiting for you.”

The second story comes from Samantha, FX Dance Team member:

“Being a part of FX has helped me grow in so many different ways! Just being a part of the community at FX has shown me God's continual grace and love for His people. It has helped me understand there is so much you can do that may seem simple to us but means a lot to others. You can do something as little as say hello, perform a silly show or do a goofy dance, but it brings joy and God's love into households that may not have it and that alone is worth everything. Personally, it has challenged me to find different ways to bring God to others and also share my faith in hopes of leading them towards the One who truly matters. It's been an amazing experience, and I can't wait to be a part of it again!”
Family eXperience is all about helping families push back the darkness in their lives. If you love kids and have a passion for performing, I urge you to join our cast. We currently have openings for this season. Come build relationships with like-minded folks who like to have fun and grow together to help others grow together.
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