Family Life App Challenge

By Tim Sherwood

Did you know the average educator will spend 5000 hours studying child development before they try to teach a class?

A typical pediatrician will spend 10 years and nearly half a million dollars so they can practice medicine with children.

The manufacturer of the top-selling toy, Barbie, will spend $600,000,000 a year to win the heart of a typical 8-year-old girl.

The point is, sometimes, it takes a lot of time, effort and investment if you want to influence kids.

It’s true for … teachers who want to help kids learn. Doctors who want to help kids heal. Toy makers who want to help kids play.

And, it’s also true for any church or parent who wants to help kids grow in their relationship with God.

As a parent, you basically have 936 weeks between a child’s birth and graduation. Think about that. 936 weeks. Scary, isn’t it? Especially when you think about all the things a child is going to go through as they mature, grow and figure out who God wants them to be and why He wired them in such a way. Ever heard someone say to your child “You are so big since the last time I saw you” or someone say to you “I saw your daughter last week; man she is practically a woman now”? Time flies a lot faster than we give it credit for, doesn’t it?

Too many kids grow up and miss experiencing God’s unconditional love and forgiveness.

Some miss it because they grow up outside the church. Others miss it even though they grow up inside the church, and others still miss it because we as parents missed something.

Maybe we missed it by not being interruptible.

Maybe we missed it by not knowing what to do.

Maybe we missed it by letting our kids be too busy.

Last week at our Cedar Falls Campus Wednesday night Family eXperience, we provided our parents with a new tool that we hope will be their go to when it comes to being their children’s faith coaches at home. It’s called the Family Life App Challenge. This month, our elementary kids are learning about the Life App of Hope - believing that something good can come from something bad. Typically, when bad things come our way, our default is to pray. So this month’s Family Life App Challenge is a 10-day prayer challenge. We gave families a specially designed prayer cube that will help them pray together as a family. If you missed last week or attend one of our other campuses and would like a prayer cube, email We are excited to see how God is going to move in your families with this new tool to help you grow spiritually together.