Prairie Lakes Church Knows How to Celebrate!

Before I was on staff at our Fort Dodge Prairie Lakes Church Campus, my wife attended a baptism...

Reason to Celebrate

Wow! What a year at the Fort Dodge Campus! There is definitely a lot to celebrate!

Summer Is Coming!

Fort Dodge -- Summer is coming!

3 Days Until The Parade

Fort Dodge -- I hope you're getting amped up for the Frontier Day Parade!

Playgroup At The Park

Fort Dodge -- Every Thursday morning this summer.

People Notice

Fort Dodge -- People are noticing. They are...

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Fort Dodge -- As a parent, I get the front row seat to a lot of our daughters’ words and phrases.

Get Ready To Party

Fort Dodge -- Sounds like a party to me!

Do You Have Supper Plans?

Fort Dodge -- Join us for supper tomorrow night.

Have You Signed Up?

Fort Dodge -- Do you want to know more about us?

This Week's Happenings

Fort Dodge -- Join us this week!

Dessert With The Danas

Fort Dodge -- Who doesn't like dessert?

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