Could you imagine sharing your faith with someone so that "your joy would be complete?"

Convictions Determining Community

I'm writing this from a Caribou Coffee.

Authenticity Isn't Enough

Like many of you (hopefully!), me and my staff are interacting with "Protege" - a playbook of sorts...


We use a lot of labels.


When I first took the position as the Campus pastor at our Waterloo campus several years ago, I was...

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 4)

“Emmanuel” means “God with us.” Again, this word appears in what the prophet Isaiah...

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 3)

“From depths of Hell Thy people save, And give them victory o’er the grave.” That’s what...

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 2)

Tyrant. Ruling over us, using our sin and God’s law against us. Day and night. The little dictator...

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 1)

Ah, Christmas music. You either love it or hate it. And most of us can agree that “they” (radio,...

The Probably God

For more and more people, there probably is a God, who probably loves them, and there probably is an...

The Infamous Red Starbucks Cup: A Lesson in Narratives and Taming the Tongue

When was the last time you wrote a paper? Whenever and on whatever it was, did you start it with

God's Promises

Where God is present, there is nothing that lies outside the realm of possibility.

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