An Urgent Call to Action

2000 years ago, a Jewish Rabbi preached on the side of the Mount of Olives, overlooking a land...

5 Tools for Decision Making

I remember being a young college student paging through the course catalogue, feeling like I was...

The Gospel in Four Words

theRiver college ministry recently used this four word journey for a worship night. We hope these...

What Every Christian Can Learn from Artists

Art is a unique activity available to humanity. Indeed, it is one of the marks that makes us human....

Primary Sources in the Digital Age

There is a paradox responsible for much cynicism in young people today.

In Celebration of Noise

There is a lot of talk about silence today. And solitude.

Sin: Challenging God’s Authority

Does God have a right to be angry about sin?

Dealing with God's Anger

Before we begin to make sense of sin directly, we must first deal with the following, related...

Making Sense of Sin: Introduction

I listen to a lot of preaching. I’m kind of obsessed with it, actually.

Your Home is Your Sanctuary: Redefined

My wife and I are both introverts. This means we can only handle people in small doses.

Sharing Faith, Resisting the Spirit, and Laughter

I want to share a surprising observation with you: It is possible to share your faith and resist...

Meditating on a Fresh Christmas Song

This Advent season I’ve been drawn to a Christmas hymn I was previously unfamiliar with. Since...

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