Fruit to Root

In Luke 6:45 Jesus told us, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart,...


Yes, there were a few times on this fasting journey I simply said, “I’m hungry. I’m angry....

Risk It!

Let’s say it together one last time, “I can’t believe it’s Christmas already!”

Fasting Has Changed History!

As we’ve fasted and prayed over the last four weeks, God has been moving in those prayers!

Fasting Tuesday No. 4!

Sometimes when we fast, we get caught up in the details. (How should I fast? When should I fast? Am...

2 Thoughts for Fasting Tuesday

Hey, Prairie Lakes! Tomorrow is our third Fasting Tuesday.

Fasting Tuesday Tips

Please join me in praying and fasting tomorrow on behalf of not only your miracle prayer but all the...

Fasting Tuesday

Hey, Prairie Lakes! Tomorrow is our first Fasting Tuesday.

Golden Headaches

There are big problems at our PLC Campuses we need to share with you. They consist of lack of staff,...

Great Weekend!

Wow, there are some great things happening across our Prairie Lakes Church campuses! Here are just a...

Our Surrender Prayer

This past weekend, I shared what God put on my heart when I was on retreat at a Monastery in...

Mini Donuts, BBQ Ribs, Strawberry Smoothie, Fried Snicker...

Keep Pointing -- That’s my list from Sturgis Falls in one day. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling...

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