Who We Are


We want people to be in God's Word at church and at home. It's the book for our lives, and we want people to know how to read and use it. We encourage people to bring their Bibles to service or to grab one from the Worship Center. During our worship services, the scripture references usually appear on the screens, and you’ll hear the rustling of pages as people find the scripture focus and read along.


Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are always on the lookout for what God is doing in our neighbors', coworkers', friends' and families' lives. AND, we're looking for how we can invite them into a next step with God – whether it's inviting them into our homes, into our lives, into a deeper relationship, into our church on a weekend, into a group or into a serving opportunity. We are invitational people.


Prairie Lakes Church is a place where people come as they are. We value being transparent - allowing people to see who you really are, not wearing masks or putting on fronts. We don't play church here. We're a group of imperfect people who are simply loved by a gracious God - nothing more and nothing less.


People long for simplicity today in the midst of all the noise, the rush, the change and uncertainty. People respond to simple! Churches with a simple process (simple, not easy) for reaching and maturing people are expanding the Kingdom. Here at Prairie Lakes Church we strive to be clear, straightforward and uncomplicated in what we preach and how we invite people to take steps towards God. Prairie Lakes Church has chosen to do only a few things and to do them well.

One of our past sermon series highlighted each piece of our DNA.  
You can find each of those videos in our Media Center.